Crazy Dave’s Crew – Getting Our Chickens In A Row

Crazy Dave’s Crew – Getting Our Chickens in a Row may not sound right. I know; It’s supposed to be “Ducks” but Chickens seemed more appropriate. Let me explain. I guess you might have noticed the Crew has not been very active lately on social media and might have even wondered what happened or even missed our witty humor and wise commentary.

Disney Comes Out of the Closet! Are You Shocked?

Disney has finally come out of the closet! Up until now they have hidden their beliefs and values away from the public. Now they have shocked all of us with the sudden revelation of their support of the LBGT community (less than 2% of the population, BTW).

Crazy Dave’s Letter To The President

Mr. President, I know I am not an eloquent writer and sometimes I have trouble getting my point across, but I hope my attempt to offer support as been clear enough. The reason you aren’t hearing much from your supporters is because we are the “silent” majority and we understand the way the system works. If we are unhappy with your administration, we will quietly let you know by casting our vote in 2020. Until then, we will all keep working to “Make America Great Again.”

Christian Protests Are Just Like Other Protests

On Saturday morning, we woke just before the sunrise and made ready for our march to the designated protest site. After grabbing a cup of coffee and giving my sons the proper pep talk, we grabbed the signs for our Christian protests (to the Christian protester these are known as Bibles or God’s Word) and headed out the door.

I Will Always Be There For You!

Not too long ago, one of my older, adult daughters posted “I love how people say they are there for you no matter what, but then when you really need someone no one is there.” on Facebook. I don’t know who this was directed at or what her need was at this particular time, but it got me to thinking.

Whether she meant to or not, I felt like I was being included in the “people” she was referring to in this post.

If You Love Me, You Will Keep My Commandments

Jesus said “if you love me, you will keep my commandments”, not because you have to but because you will want to please Him. We will do what He says because we love Him, not in order to prove anything to Him!

Tolerance : Satan’s Favorite Trap

Satan’s version of tolerance may sound easy and the majority of the world would have you believe that love should come before the Truth. But Jesus said

Habakkuk : Contemporary Prophecy For America

Here we can see that God will remain faithful to His promises. No matter what trials we have to endure, if we keep our faith in God, He will raise us up again.

God Is Not Safe

Contrary to popular belief, God is not safe. Yes, God is love and He wants all to be saved. But God hates sin! Wake up folks!