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How To Fix The Agitator Dogs In A Washing Machine

You Have Agitator Dogs Where?

That’s right!  You have agitator dogs in your washing machine.  And it can be very agitating when they aren’t doing their job anymore. So what exactly are agitator dogs and what do they have to do with your washing machine?  A LOT!

Have you noticed your clothes don’t seem to be getting as clean as they should?  Or have you started your washing machine with the lid open and noticed the agitator is hardly moving if it moves at all?  The dogs are supposed to be keeping that thing moving, but sometimes they get old and tired (or broken). The good news is you don’t need a new washing machine.

Getting Fit By Walking It Off Together

I started walking it off due to a series of events that occurred over the last couple of years.  Almost as soon as I turned forty years old, I noticed my weight going up for no apparent reason.  I have always had a limit of 250 pounds and anytime I got close to that weight, I did something to turn it around and all was good with the world.  But I have never had to exercise on a regular basis to keep my weight down.