Crazy Dave’s Crew – Getting Our Chickens In A Row

Crazy Dave’s Crew – Getting Our Chickens in a Row may not sound right. I know; It’s supposed to be “Ducks” but Chickens seemed more appropriate. Let me explain. I guess you might have noticed the Crew has not been very active lately on social media and might have even wondered what happened or even missed our witty humor and wise commentary.

One on One Time Geocaching with My Boys

Laura and Shelby had planned to meet up with some friends at English Rose Tea Room in downtown Chattanooga. I thought this would be a great opportunity have some one on one time geocaching with my boys, Dave and Nick.

They really didn’t know what they were in for when we asked them to leave their electronic devices at home. I did bring along my GPSr and my phone, but that was it.

There just happened to be a geocache and a parking lot right across the street from the English Rose. We dropped the ladies off and found a parking space. We paid for an hour of parking (like that would be long enough when I’m geocaching with my boys).

I Will Always Be There For You!

Not too long ago, one of my older, adult daughters posted “I love how people say they are there for you no matter what, but then when you really need someone no one is there.” on Facebook. I don’t know who this was directed at or what her need was at this particular time, but it got me to thinking.

Whether she meant to or not, I felt like I was being included in the “people” she was referring to in this post.

If You Love Me, You Will Keep My Commandments

Jesus said “if you love me, you will keep my commandments”, not because you have to but because you will want to please Him. We will do what He says because we love Him, not in order to prove anything to Him!

Parenting : Making the Tough Decisions

Tough decisions are just part of being a good parent. Many times you are the only one that understands your reasoning for those decisions. Most of the time you get no praise for making those tough decisions, but, as a good parent, you still have to make them!

Children – Whistle Stop on the Train of Thought

I thought I was going to cry in church today. David and I were sitting in the adult class when the children’s teacher came to get David. I sat there, mindless of the lesson, frozen and afraid. Memories. Feelings.

Protective – Whistle Stops on the Train of Thought

Am I protective of my children? YES, I have my reasons!

My children are trouble. Make no mistake about that. But they have moments that make your heart swell and almost hurt, you’re so full of love, pride and admiration.

Shelby’s Last Day – Whistle Stops on the Train of Thought

Thursday, April 16, 2008 — It’s a date I will always remember. Fortunately, it doesn’t figure as prominently as it once did.

That morning, my six-year-old daughter, who’d been undergoing treatment for Crohn’s Disease (which turned out to actually be Ulcerative Colitis) woke up with a terrible fever. She was moaning and bumping into walls. We rushed her into the tub to get fever down. Called Pediatric GI answering service. The doctor on call said to go ahead and take her into ER so blood work could be started but probably nothing. Plan on seeing her Pediatric GI after leaving ER.

God Is Not Safe

Contrary to popular belief, God is not safe. Yes, God is love and He wants all to be saved. But God hates sin! Wake up folks!

Blizzard of 2016

Blizzard of 2016,  the snow storm set to shut down the North Eastern states, I awoke to a light dusting of snow this morning