Backward Geocaching or Geocaching In Reverse?

What should I call it?  Recently, I have had to start something new, either backward geocaching or geocaching in reverse, but I can’t decide what to call it.  Maybe you can help.

Let me explain what is going on.

What shouldn’t be in a geocache container?

Sometimes new geocachers will place items in a container that just shouldn’t be in a geocache. I recently noticed a post on one of the geocaching groups on Facebook that surprised me. ” I left some coins, couple 22 bullets, a knife and a prayer.” Who can guess which of the four items listed are not appropriate? A seasoned geocacher would probably consider this a no brainer, but a brand new member may not see anything wrong here.

Should I Replace A Geocache Container?

Some geocachers feel okay to replace a geocache container they can’t find it.What if the container is still there,it’s just hard to find?

Maintain Your Geocache

When you hide a geocache, you have to agree to maintain your geocache before it will be approved.Going to hide a geocache? Maintain your geocache

Get Permission To Hide Your Geocache!

Get permission to hide your new geocache I just read another article about the authorities being called to check out a suspicious object

Hiding a Geocache, What You Should Know

Hiding a geocache can be a great experience done correctly.Follow these tips for hiding a geocache and you will get to enjoy reading other cachers’ logs 

Trackables are part of the fun!

Trackables are like physical game pieces,sometimes collected by geocachers and sometimes “dropped” in a geocache to be “discovered” or “moved” by others

Is it a DNF? How to know

DNF is shorthand used by geocachers when they Did Not Find the cache they were trying to locate. How do you know if you should log a DNF?