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Poppy Blocks in Different Sizes

This is such a fun block – so many possibilities. I originally made the 12.5”
unfinished block for a Facebook Group called Quilt Block Lottery 
And then wondered about different sizes. A little bit of thinking about proportion, a little bit of math and voila!

February 14th is National Ferris Wheel Day

National Ferris Wheel Day is celebrated in honor of George Washington Gale Ferris Jr., the inventor of the Ferris wheel on his birthday.

Going Caching 2018 Had Something For Everyone

Going Caching 2018 had something for everyone. Whether you love the geocaching or the activities, making new friends or the shows, or maybe the geo-swag or the challenges, you don’t want to miss the next one.

Crazy Dave’s Crew has not gone into hiding!

Have you been wondering what happened to Crazy Dave’s Crew?  Well, we have not gone into hiding.  In fact, we have been expanding our social media presence.

Going Caching 2018 Theme Announced!

The Going Caching Facebook page quietly changed its profile picture on November 15th from Going Caching 2017 to a spooky  Going Caching 2018 “Haunted Mysteries” theme.  I immediately started thinking about all the possibilities!  My first thought was Scooby Doo and Mystery, Inc. but we prefer to come up with something more original.

How To Fix The Agitator Dogs In A Washing Machine

You Have Agitator Dogs Where?

That’s right!  You have agitator dogs in your washing machine.  And it can be very agitating when they aren’t doing their job anymore. So what exactly are agitator dogs and what do they have to do with your washing machine?  A LOT!

Have you noticed your clothes don’t seem to be getting as clean as they should?  Or have you started your washing machine with the lid open and noticed the agitator is hardly moving if it moves at all?  The dogs are supposed to be keeping that thing moving, but sometimes they get old and tired (or broken). The good news is you don’t need a new washing machine.

Crazy Dave’s Thoughts On The New Amazon Key

Amazon wants to take the relationship with Prime members to the next level with Amazon Key Bundle.  It wants a key to your home so it can drop by anytime. Seriously!

Going Caching 2017 Was AWESOME

Going Caching is an annual Geocaching Mega-Event held in the State of Georgia USA. Each year the Going Caching Crew hosts geocachers from all over the world for five days of fun somewhere in Georgia.

Backward Geocaching or Geocaching In Reverse?

What should I call it?  Recently, I have had to start something new, either backward geocaching or geocaching in reverse, but I can’t decide what to call it.  Maybe you can help.

Let me explain what is going on.

Getting Fit By Walking It Off Together

I started walking it off due to a series of events that occurred over the last couple of years.  Almost as soon as I turned forty years old, I noticed my weight going up for no apparent reason.  I have always had a limit of 250 pounds and anytime I got close to that weight, I did something to turn it around and all was good with the world.  But I have never had to exercise on a regular basis to keep my weight down.