“Not My President”

Last week, I had a nice long conversation with my father.  We talked about his health, my mother’s health, how the kids are doing and several other normal family topics.  Then the conversation drifted into politics and all the silliness going on in our country right now.  I could tell my father was a little concerned our new President might become discouraged with so many people protesting his every move, some even yelling “Not my President.”  After I hung up the phone, I got to thinking about how I could show President Trump, his supporters are still here.  I thought, “Why not write a letter to the President?”  And so I did!

Letter to the President:

Dear President Donald J. Trump,

I want to start with a little honesty since nothing worthwhile can be accomplished without honesty.  Way back in the Republican Primary Elections,  you were not my first choice (or my second or third choice), but you were my only choice in the General Elections and you are My President.  This does not mean I agree with every policy you set in place or your less than socially acceptable tactics for getting the “job” done.  It simply means that I understand how our elections work and have worked for more than 200 years and you were legally elected to be the President of the United States.

You promised to turn Washington, D.C. upside down and there is no question you are doing exactly what you said you would do.  Why are people so shocked?  Perhaps they aren’t use to politicians doing what they promise in their campaign speeches (I mean, they didn’t, so why would you?)  I don’t agree with you 100%, but I have to say it is refreshing to see you keeping your promises!

Where are your supporters?

Everyday we hear about another group marching on Washington to make it clear you are not their President.  We see women who say you are going to take away women’s rights, shouting vile language and wearing vagina costumes(How embarrassing!). Everyday we hear about a judge who thinks his job is to legislate by making decisions based on his conscience instead of the Constitution. We are seeing so-called news organizations making false reports that must later be retracted.  But where are your supporters?

Your supporters are at work, trying to “make America Great Again” one small task at a time.  We are home with our families, making America Great Again by raising children to be strong, viable citizens of the Greatest Country in the world. We are teaching them you don’t always get your way and if you feel strongly about something then you work to make it happen. Our children will not be waiting for the government to provide them with free healthcare, free education or free happiness!  They will understand the Declaration of Independence promises the “Pursuit of Happiness” but not happiness itself.

Mr. President, I know I am not an eloquent writer and sometimes I have trouble getting my point across, but I hope my attempt to offer support as been clear enough. The reason you aren’t hearing much from your supporters is because we are the “silent” majority and we understand the way the system works.  If we are unhappy with your administration, we will quietly let you know by casting our vote in 2020.  Until then, we will all keep working to “Make America Great Again.”

Thank you for all you’re doing,

Crazy Dave


Feel free to print this letter out and keep it on your bedside table or in a drawer at your desk.  If you ever feel yourself getting discouraged, pull it out to be reminded, the silent majority is too busy to march, but we are here.

Show your support

If you would like to show your support for the President, please put your thoughts in the comments below.  I also encourage you to write your own letter showing support, if you are like me and don’t have time to visit Washington, D.C.

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