Getting Our Chickens in a Row?

Crazy Dave’s Crew – Getting Our Chickens in a Row may not sound right.  I know; It’s supposed to be “Ducks” but Chickens seemed more appropriate.  Let me explain.  I guess you might have noticed the Crew has not been very active lately on social media and might have even wondered what happened or even missed our witty humor and wise commentary.  We have managed to get ourselves involved in a lot of activities over the last few months and it has taken a while for us to adjust.

Ooltewah Church of Christ Building

Ooltewah Church of Christ Building

Building Ooltewah Church of Christ Website

About this time last year, we were geocaching and came across the Ooltewah Church of Christ building and decided to start attending.  Over the year we became more and more involved.  I wish we had found them earlier, but we didn’t due to the fact they had no up to date website.  At some point I might have mentioned I had a website and I enjoyed creating it.  One thing lead to another and I agreed to “help” get access to the domain name and the website.  Somehow I ended up spending the next few months building  Now I am maintaining and keeping the website updated.

In the process of building this website, I discovered a lot of new tricks.  I discovered I was not happy with my personal site,, so you will probably notice several changes over the next few months.

Baby chickens, getting our chickens in a row

Baby chickens

Raising Backyard Chickens

Laura and I have talked about raising chickens for several years, but this year we actually did the research and jumped in with both feet.  We found a large chicken coop on sale at Tractor Supply for less than I could build one and I spent one Saturday afternoon putting it together with the help of Shelby.  Next we needed to chickens and all the things that go with them.  We ended up with two Buff Orpingtons, a Rhode Island Red, two Black Ameraucana and an Ameraucana.  Today, we are hoping to start see some eggs soon.  I am sure you will here more about these ladies and how we are getting our chickens in a row soon.

Our Garden

Our Garden

Planting A Garden

Being at the Tractor Supply store got me to thinking and I started looking at the prices of the garden tillers.  It didn’t take me long to decide to take another look at my Father-in-Law’s old garden tiller.  After a little more tinkering, I managed to get it started.  I had to try it out and ended up plowing up a fairly large section of our back yard.  So now we have a dozen tomato plants, watermelons, cantaloupes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, several different variety of peppers including chocolate peppers(yes, I said chocolate), beans, sunflowers, and more.  I guess we are doing more than getting our chickens in a row.

Service Project

Service Project

ladies of ooltewah church of christ on hat day

ladies of ooltewah church of christ on hat day

Participating In Church Activities

Becoming involved with a active church family has added a lot to our schedule.  It seems every time we turn around there is something going on we want to take part in.  Just take a look at this calendar and that doesn’t include the Bible classes and worship services.  Over the last few months, the boys and I have been attending all of the Men’s Pray Breakfasts and some times we have service projects afterward.  Recently, we started attending a couple of monthly bible studies and now Laura and Shelby have gotten involved in the Ladies Class.  Let’s not forget the Dorcus Club.  And tomorrow the ladies of the church are having a vintage English Tea in which Laura was directly involved in the planning preparation.

Crazy Dave's Crew with Signal at GeoWoodstockXV

Crazy Dave’s Crew with Signal at GeoWoodstockXV

Traveling To GeoWoodstock

Finally, we had the opportunity to travel to Asheville, North Carolina along with a few thousand other geocachers for GeoWoodstock XV.  This is one of the biggest events in the world of geocaching.  We used this time as a mini family vacation along with the geocaching activities.  On this trip, we went to the Retro Gamer Museum in Canton and Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi River and visited several other sites of interest.

Busy Getting Our Chickens in a Row

As you can see we have been very busy getting our chickens in a row.  Between church activities, geocaching events, gardening and raising chickens, and building websites, it has been very hard to get back to working on blogging and YouTubing, but we are back now.  And as you can see we have plenty to tell you and show you.  Be sure to watch for our next post or video.

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