Poppy Blocks in Different Sizes

This is such a fun block – so many possibilities. I originally made the 12.5”
unfinished block for a Facebook Group called Quilt Block Lottery 
And then wondered about different sizes. A little bit of thinking about proportion, a little bit of math and voila!

Christmas at the Colonnade – Experiencing our first craft show!

Sewing is my stress relief. When I first got sick with Myasthenia Gravis symptoms, we didn’t think I’d be able to crochet or sew again. My old Singer machine that I’d bought myself as a college graduation present oh so many years ago did not automatically thread, or cut. It took quite a bit of effort. But my husband bought me a beautiful machine – a computerized Brother with embroidery capability. Oh the stitches! Oh, the automatic threading! And, because MG is a muscle weakness disease, he set up a permanent sewing area – no more setting up and breaking it down.

I saw a post about a craft show on Facebook under Chattanooga Arts & Crafts. Asked David about possibility of signing up and he said sure, if I wanted to.

Children – Whistle Stop on the Train of Thought

I thought I was going to cry in church today. David and I were sitting in the adult class when the children’s teacher came to get David. I sat there, mindless of the lesson, frozen and afraid. Memories. Feelings.

Protective – Whistle Stops on the Train of Thought

Am I protective of my children? YES, I have my reasons!

My children are trouble. Make no mistake about that. But they have moments that make your heart swell and almost hurt, you’re so full of love, pride and admiration.

Shelby’s Last Day – Whistle Stops on the Train of Thought

Thursday, April 16, 2008 — It’s a date I will always remember. Fortunately, it doesn’t figure as prominently as it once did.

That morning, my six-year-old daughter, who’d been undergoing treatment for Crohn’s Disease (which turned out to actually be Ulcerative Colitis) woke up with a terrible fever. She was moaning and bumping into walls. We rushed her into the tub to get fever down. Called Pediatric GI answering service. The doctor on call said to go ahead and take her into ER so blood work could be started but probably nothing. Plan on seeing her Pediatric GI after leaving ER.

Making a Four Patch — 3 Methods

Many quilt blocks incorporate a four patch. I know and use three different methods.

To make a 4 inch finished four patch, you need a 4.5 inch unfinished four patch. This allows for a 1/4 inch seam allowance on all sides.

TN Valley Shop Hop

A group of local quilt shops sponsored the TN Valley Shop Hop.What a wonderful day! The family took a road trip just for me!

Being a Mom (with MG –Myasthenia Gravis)

MG – I think it is safe to say that I truly deeply and quite sincerely dislike MG a neurological disorder where my autoimmune system over-reacts