It Began Just Like Other Protests

On Saturday morning, we woke just before the sunrise and made ready for our march to the designated protest site.  After grabbing a cup of coffee and giving my sons the proper pep talk, we grabbed the signs for our Christian protests (to the Christian protester these are known as Bibles or God’s Word) and headed out the door.

Tree DestructionWe got on the road and started our march (Well, we actually drove in my truck and did not obstruct traffic).  When we arrived, there were several other men preparing for the rally and protest to follow.  We steeled our resolve with a large, home cooked breakfast and discussion about leadership and smaller future protest (service projects for the elderly and widowed).

Finally, we joined together in a rally cry (known as a prayer) to our Great Leader.  We prayed for the leadership of our country and our church and our families.  We prayed for unity and strength.  We prayed for the sick in our congregation, Ooltewah Church of Christ, and throughout the world.  We prayed for the furtherance of our great cause.

The Christian Protests Begin

Some of the men stayed behind to wash the dishes while the rest of us when outdoors to prep for the “mayhem” we had planned for the day.  Some grab their weapons of mass destruction (Chain Saws) and others jumped in our war vehicles (trucks) and got to work destroying trees that had fallen during recent storms.  As the men with the chain saws wielded their weapons, others grabbed loose objects and threw them at nearby vehicles (the bed of our trucks).Crazy Dave at the Christian Protests

When the truck became overflowing, we drove through the nearby home’s yard (the preacher’s house) to a safe distance, unloaded the trucks and started a large fire (just like they did at the other protests, but we didn’t burn any cars).

Then we took it a step further.  To complete the destruction normally involved with protest, we cut down a dead tree and threw that on the fire, too!

I had to leave the Christian protests early, but I heard the fires burned until after dark.  It was a great day with my fellow protesters and I feel we really made a statement for our cause!

Humm…..  Maybe Christian protests aren’t just like other protests, but at least we got something worthwhile accomplished.

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