World's Smallest Snowman, Blizzard of 2016, Crazy Daves Crew

We have heard about the Blizzard of 2016,  the snow storm set to shut down the North Eastern states for several days now.  The children anxiously awaited the word that schools had once again closed for the day on Friday.  The weather stations were making dire warning about the dangers of travel this weekend and road closures. Even the county got out ahead of the storm and salted all the roads.

The Blizzard of 2016

The big day finally arrived, as predicted, with rain in the morning (lots of rain!!)  The children sadly headed off to school, even ours, who are homeschooled (Nick looked out and said, “where’s the snow”).  The rain continued all morning and finally schools started closing early due to the predictions of snow in the afternoon (sorry Nick, you’re homeschooled, No early dismissal).  The rain continued into the afternoon and even into the evening.  I noticed on my way home the rain drops hitting my windshield were starting to splatter as it began to finally change over to snow.  When the precipitation did change over to snow completely, the children took no notice.

Blizzard 2016 Light dusting, Snow, Crazy Dave's Crew

Blizzard 2016 Light dusting

I awoke to a light dusting of snow this morning and many pictures of large amounts of snow placed on Facebook by many of my friends just a few miles further north.  I saw the news that New York was considering a travel ban and that Washington, D.C. was completely shut down.  I saw that thousands of flights were canceled due the weather.  I looked outside again at the light dust and the cold wind and decided to let everyone sleep in today!

At about 1:00, Nick looked out and screamed “it snowed!”(it doesn’t take much snow to get him excited)  Dave and Nick quickly got suited up for the cold and headed out to play, leaving me, Laura and their sister scratching our heads.  They worked hard at making a single snow ball each from the snow they were able to scrape off of the vehicles and then proudly showed them of to Laura and me.(Still scratching my head,here!)

Nick with the World's Smallest Snowman, Blizzard 2016, Crazy Dave's Crew

Nick with the World’s Smallest Snowman

I had expected them to get cold and want to come back in within minutes, but we had to tell them it was time to come in after over an hour!!(still scratching my head)  Finally, Nick showed up with the world’s smallest snowman in his hand and asked me to take a picture.

I guess I am a little crazy, but I like snow and was a little disappointed when we didn’t even get a decent amount to play in.  I am glad the boys put their games down for a little while and went outside.  They found a way to make it fun, even with the limited quantity. (sometimes you just have to make do with what you have)

The Blizzard of 2016 did dump a huge amount of snow on our friends up north and they are in our prayers.  Be safe and stay warm.

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