Three Quick FTF’s while Geocaching in the Dark

Geocaching in the dark with just the glow of your phone creates a very difficult situation. I would like to think we would have found it sooner in the daylight, but who knows.

One on One Time Geocaching with My Boys

Laura and Shelby had planned to meet up with some friends at English Rose Tea Room in downtown Chattanooga. I thought this would be a great opportunity have some one on one time geocaching with my boys, Dave and Nick.

They really didn’t know what they were in for when we asked them to leave their electronic devices at home. I did bring along my GPSr and my phone, but that was it.

There just happened to be a geocache and a parking lot right across the street from the English Rose. We dropped the ladies off and found a parking space. We paid for an hour of parking (like that would be long enough when I’m geocaching with my boys).

Teen’s Book Review of ‘Among the Hidden’

‘Among the Hidden’is slow to begin,leading to fair amount of action.I liked the twists.Chs are short,kept my attention,making’Among the Hidden’an easy read.