Linda's Produce, Protective

Am I protective of my children? YES, I have my reasons!

My children are trouble.  Make no mistake about that.  But they have moments that make your heart swell and almost hurt, you’re so full of love, pride and admiration.

Taking Care of Each Other

I’m a very protective parent.  Probably over protective.  But there was a day that I decided it was time to test the waters of “letting go” and Shelby was wanting some fresh fruit. Linda’s is at the corner of our subdivision road and the main road.  So, I gave her some money and told her to take the extra cell phone.  She could walk it and get the items she was wanting if she’d get a couple of other things too.

Nick came to me, “Mom? You’re letting her go?  Alone?”


“Hmmmm.  Maybe . . .. I should go with her,” he said.  “Just in case someone tries to kidnap her or something.”

Trying hard not to smile at his nonchalance, I said, “Not a bad idea.”

So he went with her. He wasn’t too happy when she wouldn’t let him buy a watermelon though! But buying oranges made it better.  We had a wonderful snack that afternoon of fresh fruit and sense of independence.

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