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One on One Time Geocaching with My Boys

Laura and Shelby had planned to meet up with some friends at English Rose Tea Room in downtown Chattanooga. I thought this would be a great opportunity have some one on one time geocaching with my boys, Dave and Nick.

They really didn’t know what they were in for when we asked them to leave their electronic devices at home. I did bring along my GPSr and my phone, but that was it.

There just happened to be a geocache and a parking lot right across the street from the English Rose. We dropped the ladies off and found a parking space. We paid for an hour of parking (like that would be long enough when I’m geocaching with my boys).

Doctor Who Clue Board Game Review

Doctor Who CLUE is a board game very similar the original Parker Brothers classic detective game, CLUE, but different. The object of the game is the same; determine who, where, and with what weapon before your opponents. But then you get into all kinds of “wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff” that is the hallmark of anything connected with Doctor Who.

Christmas at the Colonnade – Experiencing our first craft show!

Sewing is my stress relief. When I first got sick with Myasthenia Gravis symptoms, we didn’t think I’d be able to crochet or sew again. My old Singer machine that I’d bought myself as a college graduation present oh so many years ago did not automatically thread, or cut. It took quite a bit of effort. But my husband bought me a beautiful machine – a computerized Brother with embroidery capability. Oh the stitches! Oh, the automatic threading! And, because MG is a muscle weakness disease, he set up a permanent sewing area – no more setting up and breaking it down.

I saw a post about a craft show on Facebook under Chattanooga Arts & Crafts. Asked David about possibility of signing up and he said sure, if I wanted to.

What’s on your Geocacher’s Christmas Wish List

If you have a geocacher in your life, you probably know they are sometimes hard to figure out when it comes time to buy gifts. This is especially hard if you happen to be a muggle (oops, sorry! – A non-geocacher) Geocacher’s come in all different shapes and sizes. We come from different backgrounds, different countries, different ethnicities, and different religions, but we all love geocaching.

What shouldn’t be in a geocache container?

Sometimes new geocachers will place items in a container that just shouldn’t be in a geocache. I recently noticed a post on one of the geocaching groups on Facebook that surprised me. ” I left some coins, couple 22 bullets, a knife and a prayer.” Who can guess which of the four items listed are not appropriate? A seasoned geocacher would probably consider this a no brainer, but a brand new member may not see anything wrong here.

I Will Always Be There For You!

Not too long ago, one of my older, adult daughters posted “I love how people say they are there for you no matter what, but then when you really need someone no one is there.” on Facebook. I don’t know who this was directed at or what her need was at this particular time, but it got me to thinking.

Whether she meant to or not, I felt like I was being included in the “people” she was referring to in this post.

GeoTours of Tennessee : Geocaching with a mission

GeoTours of Tennessee

As of this morning, November 18, 2016, The state of Tennessee can now boast of two excellent GeoTours. The Geotours of Tennessee are the Jack Trail GeoTour and the Discover South Central Tennessee GeoTour.

Jack Trail GeoTour –

A short description on the geocaching.com GeoTour Page says:

The Jack Trail GeoTour lets you explore Tennessee’s history, music, horses, famous distilleries, small-town charm and great geocaching. Join us for an excellent sampling of the things that make Middle Tennessee special, and a perfect opportunity to raise your glass to a one-of-a-kind road trip.

Discover South Central Tennessee Geotour –

A short description on the geocaching.com GeoTour Page says:

The back roads can be the best roads when it comes to geocaching adventures. Find history, outdoor adventure, peace and quiet, culinary delights, hiking, spirits, charming towns and one-of-a-kind attractions spread through our rolling hills in South Central Tennessee. Discover all of our hidden treasures while geocaching!

These two GeoTours of Tennessee have a lot of similarities, but are still different in many ways. There is just so much to do and see in the South Central Tennessee area, it couldn’t be contained in just one GeoTour; There had to be two!!

Jack Trail Geotour in Murfreesboro at Night

We felt the younger crew members had finally out grown the reasonable age for going Trick-or-Treating and they agreed (mostly).

Laura and I searched the internet for what we thought would be appropriate and affordable Halloween entertainment. Of course, there was a multitude of pop up haunted houses, haunted trails, and haunted hayrides. But these seemed to either be for older folks and most had a hefty price tag when you consider buying five tickets. We even looked into the Chattanooga Ghost Tours here in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But the price tag for the tour we wanted to do was way too much for us.

Then Laura found “Flashlight Nights in Oaklands Mansion,” which gave us the opportunity to explore a “mysterious mansion and experience some of the unusual mourning customs and creepy superstitions of the Victorian era.” in Murfreesboro at night. How great! Spooky, educational, and within our price range.

Being a geocaching addict, of course, I found a way to make this a geocaching trip. I planned out a trip that included grabbing all of the Jack Trail Geotour caches in Murfreesboro at night.

Voter Identification – Do Rigged Elections Happen?

We have seen a trend of the last several year toward some kind of voter identification to combat recent attacks on the integrity of the electoral system. However, what should be a debate on preserving the integrity of the electoral system has become a source of political division.