What is Going Caching?

Going Caching is an annual Geocaching Mega-Event held in the State of Georgia USA. Each year the Going Caching Crew hosts geocachers from all over the world for five days of fun somewhere in Georgia. The main event usually takes place the first Saturday of October with smaller events on the three days before and the day after. Each year there is a theme that adds to the week of fun.  This event seems to get better and better each year probably due to the fact the same group of cachers plan and organize it each year.  This gives them the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and correct them the next year.  It also allows them to take what worked well and apply it to future events.

Going Coastal

CDC_Mom at Going Caching 2014

CDC_Mom at Going Caching 2014

Going Caching was originally called Going Coastal and was held in Savanah in 2010, 2011, and 2012.  In the beginning, it was pirate themed.

Going Caching 2013

In 2013 the name of the event was changed to Going Caching and so did the themes.  In 2013, the theme was Indiana Jones and early 1900’s and was held at the FDR state park in Pine Mountain, GA, near Columbus.

Going Caching 2014

The next year, 2014, Going Caching left the southern half of the state and was held in Rome, GA.  The theme for this year was “When in Rome” and included things like chariot races.

ChaseCat6 at Going Caching 2014

ChaseCat6 at Going Caching 2014

This was the first one Crazy Dave’s Crew attended and we were there for just the main event.  It was okay but didn’t seem like a big deal to us.  We weren’t fully engaged and really missed out.

Going Caching 2015

In 2015 Going Caching was again in Rome, Georgia and had a Renaissance theme.  I am sure my wife would have really enjoyed this event, but we were unable to make it.

Going Caching 2016

The Going Caching Crew time traveled to the first location the event was called by its present name. I was held at the FDR State Park and had a time travel/steampunk theme.  I did get the Geocoin and Path Tags from this event, but we were not able to attend once again.

Going Caching 2017

This year, the Going Caching theme was Spy Games in Rome, Georgia.  The main event took place on Saturday, October 7, 2017, from 9 am to 5 pm, but the fun actually began earlier in the week.  Everyone was invited to dress up as their favorite spy and join in the hunt for Dr. Muggle and save geocaching from his evil plans.

Crazy Dave's Crew at Going Caching 2017

Crazy Dave’s Crew at Going Caching 2017

So Why Was This Year So Awesome?

Well, because Crazy Dave’s Crew was there, of course! (along with about 2000 other cachers)

Seriously, each year the Going Caching Crew does a better job of putting together a well planned out, fun event for the entire family.  We have been to other events and there always seems to be something missing.  At this event, I watched as each member of the Crew found an activity they enjoyed.

Real Geocaching Challenges

There was plenty for the hard-core geocacher to do, as is usual at almost all events.  But even that seemed to take a twist here in Rome.  I had a chance to practice my endurance on the hiking trails, test my knowledge of the T.O.T.T.(Tools of the Trade) and even use my powers of deduction in figuring out several field puzzles.

Socializing and Cache Cards

SlaitFox55 (Dave) and ChaseCat6 (Nick) seemed to really get into the trading cards.  They spent the entire week running up to strangers asking to trade Cacher Cards.  Now that we are home I am even enjoying making trades on the facebook page.  We have decided to create a “memory book” of sorts to hold the cards and many other items we collected while at the event.

We even saw Nick step way out of his comfort zone.  If you have seen any of our videos on YouTube, you probably have notice Nick is ducking the camera most of the time.  But he went out of his way to help people find their button match, talking to complete strangers.

Lab Caches and Shopping

Lab Caches

Lab Caches

CDC_Mom (Laura) and MysteryWings enjoyed exploring all the quaint little shops in downtown Rome.  You will never guess where almost all of the lab caches were located.  Yep, right inside all those quaint little shops in downtown Rome.  The boys and I got to figure out the clues for the lab caches while the female Crew members looked around the shops.

Well Thought Out Events By The Going Caching Crew

Throughout the week of Going Caching 2017, Wednesday thru Sunday, the Going Caching Crew held smaller events.  We didn’t make it to the first event, Spyware & Gear Requisition (GC77NR1) on Wednesday night, and we didn’t stay for Spies Like Us: Block Party (GC77NRB)on Saturday night or the last event on Sunday, Spies Go Home! Farewell Debriefing (GC77NRF) so I can’t say much about them.  But I can say the rest of the events were great.


On Thursday, we attended Save Geocaching! Rally and Flash Mob (GC77NR5), Secret Agent Dead-Drop Swap & Spy Games (GC77NR8).  Save Geocaching! Rally and Flash Mob was exactly what is sound like, a gathering of GCC Agents and a flash mob.   Secret Agent Dead-Drop Swap & Spy Games (GC77NR8) was probably one of our favorite events. The stage was set up like a game show and several members of the audience were brought to the stage to participate.  The rest of the audience participated from their seats.  Some of the show was scripted, but the majority was impromptu and everyone did a great job.  There were excitement, suspense and lots of prizes.

C.A.T. Challenge Dossier

C.A.T. Challenge Dossier


The Events for Friday were Covert Action Training (C.A.T.) Challenge Coffee Break (GC77NR9), where we opened our dossiers and were briefed on our missions for the day.  We then broke up and spent the day completing goals and help stop Dr. Muggle and the W.R.E.N.C.H (World Renowned Evil and Nefarious Cache Haters) organization.

After dark, we got a little open-air theater with  The Adventures of Skyler West: A Spy Story (GC77NRA).  We got to watch as Dr. Muggle was finally defeated by the Geocaching Protective Service (G.P.S.)


The main event, Going Caching 2017: Spy Games Mega-Event (GC6VT45), lasted all day (well, 9-5) and included Vendor Booths, Lunch (food trucks in the park), Geocaching 411: Top Secret Puzzle Solving Techniques, the Mega Group Photo, and finally Announcements, Awards and Prizes(lots and lots of prizes).  The best part of the main event is you don’t have to be there constantly.  You can come and go as you please for the activities you wish to take part in.  In fact, Crazy Dave’s Crew spent our morning hiking around a local lake to complete the C.A.T. Challenge.

The Going Caching Crew Knocked It Out Of The Park

Dr. Muggle In Rome, Good Job by the Going Caching Crew

Dr. Muggle In Rome

The Going Caching Crew put on an awesome event that kept everyone entertained but not overworked.  We were kept busy but were able to work at our own pace doing what we thought was most important. There were plenty of events will lots of time between them for extra caching, socializing, exploring Rome, or just some R&R time.  I will tell you right now if we are only able to attend one event next year it will be Going Caching!

Crazy Dave’s Recommendations

  1. Get hotel reservations as soon as you find out the date and location.  The first year we came I hadn’t planned ahead and ended up stay 45 minutes away. Not Cool!
  2. Join the discussion on the Going Caching Facebook page.  It is the best way to keep up with whats happening.
  3. Get the multi-pack of trading cards.  We didn’t this year and found out too late there was a puzzle and other cool activities included in each pack.

What Was Your Favorite Part?

Everyone is different so we would love to hear about your experience at Going Caching.  What was your favorite part? What mistakes did you make?

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