Samsung Health Most Steps

Samsung Health Most Steps

Why I Started Walking It Off

I started walking it off due to a series of events that occurred over the last couple of years.  Almost as soon as I turned forty years old, I noticed my weight going up for no apparent reason.  I have always had a limit of 250 pounds and anytime I got close to that weight, I did something to turn it around and all was good with the world.  But I have never had to exercise on a regular basis to keep my weight down.

In November 2015, I actually crossed the 270 mark!  I had already cut out my favorite drink, Dr. Pepper, completely and was having a low-fat meal for lunch every day at work, but the numbers just kept going up.  At this point, I started having a salad for lunch, a slice of peanut butter toast and a banana for breakfast and eating little or nothing for dinner.  I almost completely stopped eating snacks and desserts.  With all these changes in my diet, I managed to keep my weight from going up anymore, it still didn’t go down.

I was too busy (I thought) to add any more activity into my life.  My weight was going to stay at 275, but I could live with it as long as it didn’t go up anymore.  I did start planning short hiking trips to find geocaches, but when the summer heat arrived, the trips slowed down.  I did manage to keep this weight until the next November when something shocking happened.

Samsung Health main screen, walking it off, weight

Samsung Health main screen

Walking It Off With Samsung Health

In November 2016, one of the guys at work was talking about an app he was trying out on his Samsung phone called Samsung Health.  We found out it could be used on Androids as well, so I loaded it on my phone just to see how many steps I took every day.  I was sure it would be a lot because we are always heading next door to handle some computer issue.

Well, I thought wrong!  I was shocked to learn I was taking less than 1000 steps on an average day.  Yes, there were days I walked more, but that was the average.  Ouch, I think I may be lazy!!

Laura and I talked about our need to be more active and decided this app might help with it.  I loaded Samsung Health on Laura’s phone.  The app allows you to set your own goals and keeps up with many different aspects of your activity.  It keeps up with your steps taken, whether you are running or walking, the amount of time you are active and much more.

We set a goal of 2500 steps and would actually compete with each other to see who could get there first.  In the beginning, it was very difficult.  I know what you are thinking, 2500 steps should be easy! But remember, I sit in front of a computer all day and enjoy blogging and making YouTube videos at night.  Laura has MG and becomes fatigued very quickly.  Her activities include sewing and homeschooling our children.  2500 steps was twice what we used to walk and walking for the sake of walking was outside of our comfort zone.

Weight, You Lost How Much?

Samsung Health Mid-Day Steps, walking it off, weight

Samsung Health Mid-Day Steps

I started walking every day during my breaks at work.  I increase my distance just a little each week, reaching the next tree or light pole or the crack in the side walk up ahead.  I have gone from walking less than 1000 steps to averaging 8500 steps every day. That’s almost FIVE miles every day!!  And you know what? I feel better and I have more energy.  Oh, the weight, I have been walking it off! This week I hit 245, a weight I didn’t think I would ever see again.  I have had to drill three new holes in my belt and I have gone from size 42 to 38 in pants!

I’m not done yet!  I have been walking it off and I plan to keep on walking it off until I lose at least another 20-25 pounds.  I keep adding to my goal each week and I am planning to add some weight training to the mix.  It has taken me 9 months of walking alone to lose 30 pounds, shrink the waistline two sizes and increase my energy level.  I wonder how much I will lose by the end of this year.

What Are You Weighting For?

Have you been wanting to lose weight, but just couldn’t seem to get motivated?  Try out the Samsung Health app or any other app that motivates you to walk it off, then tell us how it’s going in the comments below.

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