Going Caching 2018 Theme Announcement

The Going Caching Facebook page quietly changed its profile picture on November 15th from Going Caching 2017 to a spooky  Going Caching 2018 “Haunted Mysteries” theme.  I immediately started thinking about all the possibilities!  My first thought was Scooby Doo and Mystery, Inc. but we prefer to come up with something more original.

The First Short Description

Later I noticed a short post on the facebook page clarifying the theme further.

Experience legends and lore that will give you goosebumps as you geocache your way around secret locations in the city of Rome, Georgia October 6 for Going Caching 2018. Travel back to the 1890’s and don your best Sherlock Holmes/Victorian Steampunk attire as you attempt to tackle unsolved cases and other haunted mysteries. You may even be called upon to “capture” a restless spirit or two, so come prepared. Join in a Downtown Ghost Walk Adventure, Escape from A Haunted Victorian Mansion and join in on an interactive night cache. We dare you to be here. Cache Page publishing soon.

So I guess we will have to think about something from a time before motorized geo-mobiles and Sextants and compasses instead of GPSr’s.

Who Are We Going To Be?

As you can see from the description, we need to go back in time to pick our character.  We could go with the Sherlock Holmes theme mentioned above for the mystery twist.  Or maybe we should go with something like The Bell Witch theme going with the spooky/haunted theme. Maybe doing something like the Fox Sisters, who claimed to communicate with the dead would be more appropriate.

Let not forget, Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln had some unexplained stories about seeing ghosts.  In fact, Abraham saw a double image of his face in a mirror not long after his election and had a nightmare about his own funeral mear weeks before it came true.

Crazy Dave's Sleeper Agents, Crazy Dave's Crew, Sleeper Agents

Crazy Dave’s Sleeper Agents

I guess we will have to do some research and determine what direction we want to go with the Going Caching 2018 theme, Haunted Mysteries.  We may go with the Victorian Steampunk, Old-fashioned investigators, some ghost story from the time period or maybe will find a way to wrap it all into one package.  We like to think outside the box.  This year we went as “Crazy Dave’s Sleeper Agents”

I guess you will have to attend Going Caching 2018 to find out what crazy thing Crazy Dave’s Crew will do next!

Do Everything At Going Caching 2018

If you plan to attend Going Caching 2018, I recommend you do everything even if you don’t fully understand what is going on, yet.

Each year we go, we learn we are missing out on some fun and exciting event because we held back.

The first time, we just showed up for the main event and really weren’t very impressed.

For Going Caching 2017, the Crew made and purchased our Going Caching Trading Cards which was cool, but we didn’t get the variety pack, which turned out being important. We did go as Sleeper Agents for almost all of the events and had a great time.

Next year, we are planning to be there for the entire week and will purchase everything in the recommended package because the Going Caching Crew has a reason for each item offered.  Hopefully, we will get it right this year.

Your Thoughts

If you have been to Going Caching before, do you have any suggestions for folks who have never been? Tell them in the comments below.

Never been before? Have questions? Ask them below.

8 replies
  1. Lakegal1944
    Lakegal1944 says:

    I am planning to drive out there from Arizona in my little 16′ travel trailer. Any recommendations on an RV park close to the main events would be appreciated.

      • Lakegal1944
        Lakegal1944 says:

        I have received 2 emails from you but the body appears blank on my iPhone and iPad. Any way to send in a different format? Am I the only one with this problem?

        – Vivian

        • David Wheeler
          David Wheeler says:

          I am sorry to hear you are having problems. I have not heard of anyone else having this problem. I’m am not sure about the settings on Apple devices, but perhaps you are blocking html… Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

          • Lakegal1944
            Lakegal1944 says:

            Magically I am now able to see your new messages. I am only in the beginning stages of my road trip from AZ to GA so am open to suggested routes with caching in mind, of course!

          • David Wheeler
            David Wheeler says:

            I am glad to hear it. I can highly recommend the two geo-tours in Middle Tennessee(gets a geocoin) and we are working on the State Parks Tour in Georgia (gets a commemorative coin). There are several good caches in Huntsville Alabama, too.

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