Among the Hidden – synopsis

I had heard of ‘Among the Hidden’ by Margaret Peterson Haddix from my book club. I had at first believed it had something to do with some sort of magic based on the title. It was not, but it was interesting nonetheless.

The main character, Luke, being a third child must stay hidden. To be seen means death. At first, the woods were able to hide him so he could play in the yard and help on the farm, but then it gets taken down and replaced with houses. He soon realizes he can never go outside again and he is left with his small room in the attic, only ever able to look out air vents.

Among the Hidden

Among the Hidden

Everyday become the same, until he sees someone in one of the neighboring houses, when he knows no one else is there. He goes, risking being caught, to investigate this mysterious person, who turns out to be just like him. A shadow child, but one who will do everything to leave the shadows.

After a chain of events, Luke must decide. Should he go out into the open and demand for everything he should have, or stay hidden, never knowing what he could get?

Though slow in the beginning, it leads to a fair amount of action and discovery. I liked the small twists every now and then. Trying to figure out who is trust worthy, as you can never tell in these types of book. The chapters were short, but kept my attention, making ‘Among the Hidden’ an easy read.

I’ll be looking forward to getting the next book.

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