sunrise, remember


Do you remember me?
My dear friend,
Do you remember?
The day of our meeting?
How two misfits crossed paths?
How two small souls became one?
Do you remember?

I remember.
The times we’ve shared,
The tears you’ve shed,
The smile you hid,
The love you showed me,
I remember it,
I remember how the stars,
Seemed to align,
How I began to feel whole,
Do you remember?

I remember.
How the darkness came,
How the blood began to spill,
How you never gave in,
How you chose death,
Over darkness and suffering,
I remember feeling your strength,
I remember feeling your love,
Your fire,
Never fell back,
But became stronger,
Do you remember?

I remember our time of parting,
I remember the tears in your eyes,
Pain in your voice as you said goodbye,
I remember my aching heart,
As you faded from my vision,
How I could never hear you again,
Or tell you how much I miss you.
Do you remember?

You don’t know what it’s like,
To fear someone’s forgotten,
The love you gave,
The precious memories that was made,
I look to the stars and pray,
That you haven’t forgotten me,
My love, my dearest friend,
I remember.
Do you remember me?

Starry night, Remember