‘War and Sacrifice’ is my first time at writing a poem of any kind.

I thought about using poems for some of the writing I’m doing, but I didn’t want to use other people’s poems, otherwise, it’d get complicated.

Then I discovered free verse poetry and decided to give it a shot. Wrote this off the top of my head. And I have to say, I’m fairly proud of it.

I’m sure this isn’t the best, but I’m sure I’ll get better with it, like with my writing and drawing!

Orange Beach sunrise 11-14-2013, War and Sacrifice

War and Sacrifice

Death is upon us,

The stars are falling,

Smoke is rising,

But we shall rise,

United as we scream,

This declaration of war,

And a voice shall soon ask,

‘Will you become the sacrifice,

To protect this world?’

Doubt shall fill hearts,

Pain shall sound in the air,

Blood will flood the earth,

And my answer shall be yes.

Cemetery in Clarksville, TN, War and Sacrifice