stary night, prophecy of light

The Prophecy of Light

Humans beware, the time has come,

the time of darkness has begun.

The white sun shall turn to black,

and a lost war shall come back.

A hero, a child of light,

may show us how to fight.

So find your friends and follow their call,

or darkness may surely devour us all.

One of flame and one of sea,

two for life that they plea.

One of earth and one of sky,

two of which that wish to fly.

Gather the four and give them faith,

and the fifth shall surely light the way.

Take them to war and show them their fight,

take them to war and show them their might.

The child of light shall decide who stands,

the fate of the world rests in their hands.

So pray they take care, hope they choose right,

as the darkened heart of one may lead the path of light.