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Not My Will

It was definitely not my will to become ill on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 23, 2016.  But I did!!  I was feeling exceptionally tired all morning almost to the point of exhaustion even though I had slept well the night before.  After eating lunch, I noticed that my stomach wasn’t feeling good.  I decided to skip a previously planned engagement after work and just head home.  By the time I left work, I was questioning whether I would make it home before I got sick.  Luckily, I did, just barely.

I took some medicine and went to bed early, thinking that I would be fine in the morning.  I knew how wrong I was when my stomach woke me up at 4:00am.  At that point, I decided to text my boss that I would not be in on Thursday.  I hardly ever get sick enough to miss work and it was not my will to do now, but I knew I had no choice!  I ended up not only missing Thursday, but Friday, as well!

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself after finally eating my first “real” meal in 48 hours and ending up in the bathroom, sick once again!!  Then it hit me! This is the day our Lord was feeling a bit sorry for Himself and yet, He prayed to his Father, “Not my will, but Thine” Luke 22:42.

Luke 22, Not My Will

Luke 22

Jesus suffered and was temped during his life in every way that we are today.  We hear that in Sunday school and in sermons all the time, but I hadn’t really let that sink in until today.  We can read how, after His baptism He went into the wilderness and fasted for forty days and afterward he was tempted by Satan himself.  (We tend to miss the part that says the devil tempted Him the whole time!)  He was tempted with hunger, power, and with testing God! (Luke chapter 4)

We tend to think about these three temptations when we hear that Jesus was tempted just like us.  But if you read Luke 4:13, it says the devil “departed from him for a season.”  What does that mean?  It means that Satan kept come at Him over and over, just like he does you and me!!

Well if Jesus was tempted just like you and me, doesn’t that mean that He had to deal with the death of family members and friends, people He trusted turning their backs on Him, financial difficulties, and maybe even being sick from time to time? YES, YES and YES!!

We all seem to think that He is just sitting in Heaven waiting for us to ask and we won’t be sick any more or that he will help you get that job, just because you asked!!  I have seen people on Facebook thank Him for their favorite Football team winning the game.  Really!!!  I don’t think God plays a big role in the winners and losers of sporting events.

God has a bigger plan and if getting that job or winning that football game somehow plays a role in His plan, it will happen.  God has promised to give us what we need, but He DID NOT promise our selfish desires!!

Not My Will, But Thine

Jesus spent the afternoon and evening before His crucifixion communing with his apostles and then praying to His Father.  In His prayer, Jesus said, “Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me, nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done” Luke 22:42.  Jesus was feeling just a little sorry for Himself, but not for some petty reason, like me!  He was about to give his life to save all of mankind!

Today, is what is known as Good Friday to Christians.  This is the day recognized as the day Jesus died one of the cruelest deaths ever devised by mankind and He did so willing.

Wilburn and Shirley Davidson's Grave, Not My Will

Wilburn and Shirley Davidson’s Grave

Take a moment

So, if you are feeling a bit sorry for yourself, take a moment to remember what was done for you.  Jesus had to deal with everything you and I deal with and more.  He dealt with the loss of family and friends.  He dealt with financial problems.  He dealt with friends stabbing him in the back.  And He still said “Not my will, but thine” when then time came for Him to die for our sins.

Take a moment to thank Him for what He did for you without making any petty requests.

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