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A hiking event (GC6B1HM  – Leap Year Hike 2016) was the first event in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area planned for Leap Day 2016.  The only problem is it was scheduled to start at 8:00 am and the hike would start at 8:30 am.  I was going to have to get the Crew moving earlier than they liked!!
Which Way do I go?, geocaching, hiking, Crazy Dave's Crew

Which Way do I go?

I was actually very pleased that someone finally had an event that didn’t involve eating (Although, we probably should have carried snacks for the trail).

We ended up arriving a little later than I had wanted, but I did manage to get the Crew to the trail head in time to start hiking with the read of the geocachers.  When we arrived, there was a search going on for a cache near the trail head (GCKB85  – Get Out of the Road!).  This was an interesting, yet fruitless search that we joined.  We were unable to track down the cache, but Dave, Nick and I did have fun getting run over by the passing cars!

Hike the Biology Trails

Soon our hike got underway. We started up the Dogwood trail, then diverted off to the Red Loop trail. In the beginning and for most of the hike, it was fairly easy to moderate hiking.  We walked along the edge of a small creek for a few minutes, then started up hill. We continued up the Red Loop trail until it intersected with the Picnic trail.

Laura and Yahaira Leap Year Hike 2016, Hiking

Laura and Yahaira Leap Year Hike 2016

I had been looking at the geocaching app and realized that we were near GC24NT8  – Mater’s Ghost Light – NIGHT CACHE!  I had been wanting to give this one a try so, while everyone else took a few minutes to rest and snack, I headed on up the hill to ground zero.  Once I arrived, I noticed a picnic table, a campfire and a flower bed, but had no idea how to find a night cache in the daylight.  I texted Laura to let her know I had found a picnic table and then started searching the area for any markers.

Soon I was joined by the rest of the geocachers.  We all spread out and tried to do a thorough search of the area.  I even texted a couple of the previous finders and the owner, to no avail.  We would have to come back in the dark! It is a night cache, after all.

We made our way back down the Picnic trail to the Red Loop trail and continued up that path.  Along the way, we were able to find GC150K7  – Squirrely as we made our way around the loop.

Nature Art, Hiking, Geocaching, Crazy Dave's Crew

Nature Art

Are We Lost?

Finally, we came to a location known as the “Six Shooter” because three paths intersect giving you six different directions to choose.  We looked at the time and decided we needed to find the quickest route out of the woods if we were going to make it to the next event!  After consulting the map, we decided to take the Coyote trail.  Along the we it was intersected by the Fall trail.  This would get us back to the trail head quickest so we decided to take it.

When we neared the end of the trail, it took a steep downward slope, but at this point we had to continue forward!! We had to work slowly and carefully to keep from falling (wondering how this trail got its name…)! Once we all had reached safe footing at the end of Fall trail, I turned around to see the sign at the entrance of the trail.  “Very Difficult” (Now you tell me!!)

Hiking with with our geo-friends on Leap Day morning was a great way to get the day started.  Although, we only found one geocache on the hike, it was well worth it for the memories made and the exercise we got while having fun!!

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