Waterlogged Geocache, Maintain your geocache
Maintain your geocache or archive it! Why is this so hard to understand?

We have all been there and nobody likes it.  You go looking for a geocache and when you find it you wish you hadn’t or you don’t find any thing but pieces of what use to be a cool geocache.

Logging a DNF

I hate logging a DNF, only to find out later that the geocache is still there but in the wrong place!

On Leap Day this year, we were in the area and attempted to find a cache that was supposed to be a 1.0 difficulty and a 1.0 terrain.  They don’t get any easier than that, folks.  I had a pretty good idea what I was looking for so this should have been a super quick find.

Instead, we searched for about a half an hour for this geocache even though I had parked within a few feet of ground zero. We had agreed to meet up with Flagg2007 at dark to look for a night cache a little further down the road.  Since it was starting to get dark, We had to mark this super easy cache as a DNF.

Lucky for me, another geocacher,  jlmj86, had come along for the night cache.  He had found the cache I had just DNFed within the last year.  He was able to tell me that it was hidden on the opposite side of the building.  Seems the cache owner had missed the rule that you should maintain your geocache.

It was late when we started heading home so I was unable to make the grab that night, but we were in the area today.  I couldn’t pass up the chance to get a DNF off my list. Once I finally found the cache, it was obvious that no one had been by to maintain this one for a long time.  Even the log was damp and moldy.  I did manage to sign my name to the log, but yuck!!

Wet log, maintain your geocache

Wet log

This very frustrating situation could have been avoided if the geocache owner had just done what they agreed to do.  When you hide a geocache, you have to agree to maintain your geocache before it will be approved.

Maintain Your Geocache

Don’t get me wrong!  Geocaching is meant to be fun but it should be fun for everyone.  There are certain rules that must be followed to keep it fun for everyone.

Please, please, please!  If you’re going to hide a geocache, maintain your geocache.

I also decided to take the my video camera along to capture this experience.  I hope you enjoy it.

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