Murfreesboro Tree, Permission
Getting permission to hide your new geocache is one of the most important steps in hiding a geocache.  I just read another article about the police and fire departments being called to check out a suspicious, potentially dangerous object that had been place in front of a daycare (Suspicious Device at Plano Day Care Determined to Be Part of Geocaching Game)

Really folks!  A daycare?  What were you thinking?

  1. You need to get permission and notify the owner and employees so this doesn’t happen!  If they had been aware of the geocache, perhaps the children would not have been forced indoors for their safety.
  2. Even with permission, some locations are off-limits according to the geocaching guidelines, such as schools and cemeteries.  Be sure to read the guidelines before placing a geocache.

    Geocaching Note, Permission

    Geocaching Note

  3. Make sure you label the container and put documentation about geocaching, the website and your contact information in the container, if possible.

Waiting for permission

I realize that getting permission to hide your geocache in that perfect spot is a real pain.  I have been waiting for almost a year to get the contact information and permission for one of my future hides, but it will be worth it.  I will have an easier time maintaining it and a more enjoyable experience because I have waited.

We all laugh at getting questioned by a police officer (you’re not a real geocacher, if you haven’t been), but it’s no fun if it turns in to a situation like this!  We don’t want the muggles getting frightened and calling the police, fire department,  or the bomb squad!  This creates a dangerous situation and could give geocaching a bad name!

Yes, geocaching is just a game.  But even when playing games, there have to be rule in order to know how to play.  If just one person refuses to follow the rules, no one has any fun.

Follow the rules!  GET PERMISSION!

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