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So, my dad’s asked me to do this since it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Honestly, I’ve been meaning to. I’ve wanted to continue “The Dragon of Light”, but I’d just been distracted lately with the new games we got. That’s actually what I’m gonna be talking about; Why I’ve been so absent from the site.

We went up to visit our grandparents to celebrate Christmas. We had a bit of a party before we went back to their house to open the gifts that they got us. I had ended up getting a Kindle Fire! It’s a tablet, something I had been wanting for a while now. I had wanted it for writing on whenever I’m not near my computer, but I’ve only so far read a book and played a few puzzle games. I will be getting Word or something put on it at some point for that.

Shelby with her Kindle Fire, Games

Shelby with her Kindle Fire

And before we left, they gave us some money to spend after Christmas. I ended up getting more since my tablet costed less.

Anyway, a few nights ago, we, the crew, had gone out to spend our money on the things that we wanted. I had been able to buy The Sims 3, with a couple of expansion packs (Pets, Supernatural, and Dragon Valley). I had spent the time from then playing the game. My sim’s been able to become a writer and just started a family! She’s even become a painter, which was a lot easier to do than writing for some reason. I’m still learning on a few things, like how to leave the town to get to Dragon valley, but I’ve learned this much! 😀

So, that’s basically what I’ve been doing. I mean, I haven’t been very productive on my writing, or anything, but I’d been productive on the games, if that counts. Nah, it doesn’t, I’m sure. Don’t worry, though, I’ll be posting a lot more soon once my hype for the games have died down a bit.

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