Spring Cleaning seems to have kicked into high gear all around Crazy Dave’s Crew.  We are cleaning, not only the house, but almost every activity we are involved in is getting an update.

Spring Cleaning of the House

The summer months tend to be the worst for Laura’s Myasthenia Gravis symptoms making it difficult for her to function.  So, when the temperatures start dropping some she becomes anxious to start doing something.  Anything!

Since it is still too hot for her to really enjoy herself outdoors, this usually means cleaning, reorganizing, and moving furniture.  My desk/office area has been moved out of our bedroom up stairs to the living room and book shelves have been moved to our bedroom.  There is talk of moving more furniture before we are done.  Guess who gets to move the furniture!

On the upside, we are going through all of the books on the bookshelves and taking several loads to McKay’s to trade for credit. I have also started reorganizing our  kitchen cabinets and getting rid of pots and pans we are no longer using.  This means several trips to the Samaritan Center to donate used, but still good items.  And we are putting our garbage service to good use with the stuff that should have been disposed of long ago.

Spring Cleaning of This Site

If you have never viewed cdcrew.com before, you probably haven’t noticed the changes.  If you have been here before, you will see that it has gone through quite a face lift.  The home page is probably the most significant change, but I am making changes to almost every page and post.  I even put the site in maintenance mode for a full week to get some of the major changes out of the way.

I am still making minor changes everyday to polish up the way each page looks and works.  The next big project will be updating the look of Crazy Dave’s Yard Sale.  Soon you will be seeing better images, more options,  and more items available for purchase.

Look around and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Other Spring Cleaning

Soon I will be making changes to our YouTube channel, as well.  A new intro and outro is definitely on the to do list.  I am using a new video editor that should improve the quality of our videos.  I am coming up with ideas to make my videos more audience inclusive.  Sorry, we don’t want to give away all of our secrets, so that’s all you get on this subject.

Our Facebook Page got a slight face lift.  The Crazy Dave’s Crew logo and the page name was changed to match this site along with other updates.

And finally(I hope), we are making changes at our shop at Crazy Daisy’s over the next few months.

As you can probably see, when the Spring Cleaning Bug bites Crazy Dave’s Crew, it bites hard and a little late.  It is always good to get an updated look or to just freshen things up a bit (as long as it doesn’t kill me).

What did you do for Spring Cleaning this year or are you waiting for the temperatures to go do?  What are your plans for Spring Cleaning if you haven’t started?  Let us know in the comments below

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