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Homeschooling our children is the best decision our family has ever made.  It is also the most challenging thing we have ever done.

Homeschooling Is Challenging

Laura spends a considerable amount of time planning out the way her school day will go.  It seldom goes the way she plan it.  There always seems to be some obstacles that get in the way.

Many times her disease, Myasthenia Gravis, throws up a road block.  Laura will find herself almost unable to keep her eyes open which makes the day go south in a hurry.  But on the good days, she has the joy of helping the children study and every now and then see the light bulb come on.  Those are good days.

Although it’s still a lot of work, planning has become easier over the years.  Homeschooling has become more common place so more resources are becoming available.  There are tons of websites offering lessons, worksheets, practices test and more, but it still takes research to find the right options for your child.

And, of course, we do still have requirements to follow and the children still have to take standardized tests.

Homeschooling Is Fun

Some people have started calling it unschooling.  Although we don’t fully agree with the connotation of this word, we may partake in its meaning slightly.

I mean, what other school allows you to go on a vacation to the beach and still attend school?  We have learned to use every experience as a teachable moment.  Many research projects have come from one of our children asking us a question about something they saw while we were hiking or traveling.

We believe learning about life by living it is much better than reading about it in a classroom.  So maybe Crazy Dave’s Crew is unschooling.

We invite you to come along for our adventures in homeschooling.