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Tomodachi Life!

I Think Tomodachi Life Is A Pretty Great Game!

I Started Playing The Game When I Had Only A Demo, And Even Though I Got To The End Of The Demo By Solving 5 Problems, I Sort Of Treated It Like The Limit Was Nothing! It Didn’t Stop Me From Feeding Them When They Were Hungry!

And Then I Got The Full Game… It Asked Me If I Wanted To Transfer The Data From The Demo Version To The Full Game, And I Said Yes. So I Continued On From The Demo’s Save.

Mii of Papyrus, Tomodachi, games

Mii of Papyrus

I Made More Islanders, Solved More Problems, Bought More Food, Bought More Than Just Food, Solved Even More Problems, Played More Games, Looked At More Dreams, etc. I Set My StreetPass Clothing To What I Call The “Shrimp Hat”. Oh, And I Also Got The Final Islander I Could Make In The Demo Up To Level 20 And I Gave Her A Piece Of Clothing From My Collection. I Also Gave My Islanders Song Lyrics So They Can Sing At The Concert Hall!

Oh, And BTW I Made An Islander Who Is St. Nick! But I Don’t Think The St. Nick I Made Is Anything Like The Actual Santa Claus… Because He Doesn’t Like Roasted Chestnuts I Gave Him…

Anyways, My Plan To Make Sure My Mii Look-Alike’s Sweetheart Is The Islander Named ぽぽ(Popo In Japanese) By Making Every Islander Except My Mii Look-Alike & ぽぽ Were The Only 2 Kids On The Island. I Even Made My Bro’s Mii And Adult…

Mii look alike of Nick, Tomodachi, games

Mii look alike of Nick

I Haven’t Been Given A Chance To Play On My 3DS For A While So I’m Sure My MLA(Mii Look-Alike) Might Have Another Romance Bubble When I Begin Playing Again… And Possibly All Of My Islanders Are All Gonna Have Problems ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

If You See Me, I Might Be Playing Tomodachi Quest At The Amusement Park Or Just Watching Islanders Fail In Rap Battles… The Quickest Islander To Fail At A Rap Battle Was St. Nick, Who Failed The Second Time He Had To Say Something! He… He Said… That He Forgot… To Brush His Teeth… Eww… ._.

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