Sword, Fight For Freedom

Fight for Freedom

I’ve lived in this cage all my life,

never knowing what the outside looked like,

never knowing what it was like to be free.

Invisible cage of despair, what are you doing to me?

But I see a light, a chance at freedom.

I now understand that life isn’t just a phantom,

but one of free souls and light,

and now I understand that I must fight.

I will fight for my freedom, until I am dead.

Even if I fall, I will stand, until the earth runs red.

I will fight for the freedom I am given,

I will fight for the freedom that I will give them.

Even if I go through the house of death and tyranny,

to reach the end of the journey,

I will not fall, I will not give in,

for I must be the one, against darkness, to win.